What is RobynGoods?

Meet our initiative and how we can help each other

Like the legendary hero Robin Hood, RobynGoods resurfaces in the 21st century with the aim of promoting social well-being, fighting against poverty, marginalization and inequality, while defending proposals to maintain the balance of the planet.

Imagine a world where in any of our daily purchases, the establishment was obliged to allocate a % to the NGO that we want. That is the purpose of RobynGoods.

For this reason, we launched the first solidarity e-Commerce (www.robyngoods.com), donating 75 percent of the profit to the Non-Profit Entity of YOUR choice.

Do not choose the standard option, choose to buy in solidarity, the world needs it!

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A stop along the way - who are you?

In a distant country there once was a time of great poverty, where only a few rich people could live without problems. The caravans of three of those rich people met during their trip, and together they reached a village where poverty was extreme. Such was their situation that it provoked different reactions to each of them, and all of them were very intense.

The door of decision

Opening doors without fear (we open it! And you?)

How many doors we do not open for being afraid of the risks?

How many times do we lose freedom and die inside, just because we are afraid to open the door of our dreams?

The cup of coffee

You are walking with your cup of coffee and suddenly someone walks by, pushes you and makes your coffee spill everywhere.

- Why did you spill your coffee?

- Because someone pushed me

Wrong answer:

You spilled the coffee because you had coffee in your cup. If it had been tea, you would have spilled the tea.

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