Animals; Defense and Protection

Why support NGOs for the defence and protection of animals?

NGOs dedicated to the defence and protection of animals focus their actions on caring for abandoned animals until they find a home for them and at the same time raise awareness in society to end abuse, abandonment and raise awareness about the responsibility that it entails having an animal.

In addition, a wide range of wildlife conservation programs are offered throughout the world in countries such as Thailand, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Ecuador, South Africa, Spain, Portugal, etc .; a very important task to preserve the natural fun!

Do you care about animals? Do you want to help them have a good life? Contribute!


The Pro Animal Gomera association (PAG) was founded in 2003, mainly to control the population of abandoned, wild or / and sick cats and dogs in La Gomera and end their suffering.

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At ADEPAC we have been working since 1989 for the animals of Tenerife. Since 2002, we have a SACRIFICE 0 dog shelter in El Sauzal, Tenerife, designed for 125 animals and in which more than 400 live today.

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