What is an "International Cooperation"?

Under that name is understood the voluntary help of a donor or a country (state, local government, NGO) to a population (beneficiary) of another. This population can receive the collaboration directly or through their State, local government or an NGO in the area.

The fields covered by international cooperation are very varied. Among others, the following can be mentioned:

  • improve public health;
  • improve education;
  • improve environmental conditions;
  • reduce social and economic inequalities; etc.

Many countries need the help of others to be able to advance socially, recover after a natural catastrophe and so on. Without international help, on many occasions it would not be possible!


The NGO to help Cuba HOMBRE NUEVO, TIERRA NUEVA created in 2000 to help the most vulnerable populations: the elderly, children and the disabled. We currently have projects in Havana, Santiago de Cuba and Sancti Spiritus.

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Association GUP attached to the Parish of Our Lady of the Assumption of Benimaclet (Valencia), is a non-profit association made up of a group of people with many concerns and a desire to improve the situation of the most disadvantaged people. For more than 20 years we have been dedicated to supporting the "San José" soup kitchen located in our neighbourhood.

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Four young people from different parts of Spain one day went to Indonesia to fulfil a dream: to help those most in need. Our paths crossed right on one of the more than 17,000 islands.
Since our return to Spain, we decided to join forces and work together every day to provide the most disadvantaged child population in Indonesia with an improvement in their living conditions.

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We are a very small and local NGO, we do not have monthly or annual fees; all our funds come from activities such as markets or solidarity dinners. We have no partners, we have volunteers who work side by side and many friends and residents of La Pobla who turn to help us and collaborate in our events whenever we organize them.

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Kutembea Na Tanzania, we are a non-governmental organization of people, respecting the communities where we approach and always valuing their culture, roots and traditions, we seek to support and promote improvement projects in the field of education and work to those with harsh living conditions and without access to the educational or labour system in Tanzania.

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Mundos Unidos was born in 2009 by the hands of Jose Sauri Sarrión, after a trip in 2007 to Calcutta where he went to work in the houses of the Sisters of Charity of Mother Teresa; his vision of the world changed. 

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Urleku Source of Life means Place of water in Basque. (ur = water leku = place) We started 7 years ago with the aim of making water wells where they need it most.

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