Citizen Participation, we can all act!

We can support NGOs in the dissemination of their objectives, aims and activities; as well as in the practice and promotion of democratic values, the promotion of civic culture, and the promotion of social activism through citizen participation. These levels of participation indicate that something is changing in society and we are possibly moving from a society where money, competitiveness and individualism prevail to a more supportive society and where citizens consider that they can better satisfy some of their needs by being associated and being supportive.

Do you participate in any activity? In an NGO or other type of entity?

Retired Spanish Civil Guard Association (RAGCE)

RAGCE is the first National Association of Retirees of the Civil Guard and with support to people in a situation of widowhood and orphanhood of the Corps. She was born to recover the figure of the Retired Civil Guard and to fight for the recovery of the rights that were acquired during the professional stage.

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Spanish National Police Retirees Association (AJPNE)

The Spanish National Police Retirees Association (AJPNE) is the first (non-profit) association created at national level, in which the majority of its members are retired national police officers and widows, but also partners in other administrative, family and other situations, supporters or collaborators.

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