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Take action! - Become a Robynian

Have you ever thought: How can I help? Will my help arrive? Is that entity reliable? and a long etc. Well in our initiative we care that these and many other questions have a transparent answer.

As Robynian you will receive information on the actions of the third sector, as well as details of our Receiving Entities.

Being Robynian you can rest assured that all our Receiving Entities are audited by our social team.

Because you are Robynian, you will have information on the donations that are generated from our tool through the first solidarity online store ( where the user allocates 75% of the profit of each product purchased to the NGO of his choice.

By being Robynian, you will become one of the people with full power to choose the fate of the common chest, which will be distributed at the end of the year among the projects most valued by our community.

Because you are Robynian, you have a voice in our initiative, where you can contribute that idea you have to bring more resources to the third sector. We are all RobynGoods.

As a Robynian you will have access to a world of products at factory prices at the same time that your donation helps the NGO you know. Why buy something we need at a higher price and without allocating help to those who need it. We understand the world differently. There is no purchase without donation.

Join and become Robynian!

If it's not you, who?

If not now, when?