Environment / Ecology / Renewable Energy

Environment, ecology and renewable energies… why are they so important?

Taking care of the environment does not require great actions, but from your own home you can do many small gestures to contribute to its protection. If you have children you will be their reference, so they will learn by watching what you do and imitating it.

Use clean and renewable energy to help the environment. Reduce pollution to help the planet. Don't waste food. Do not waste water to protect the environment. Produce less waste and manage well what you have.

As they say, there is no Planet "B"; we have to take care of ours so that future generations have a place to live!


Promemar is a non-profit association founded in 2013 and born from the concern of some divers when observing the deterioration of the seabed by the action of man. So, it was decided that the association would have three fundamental objectives: defense, dissemination and carrying out actions that contribute to the conservation of the marine environment and its surroundings.

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Foundation that is dedicated to preserving the legacy of Telesforo Bravo and Juan Coello and carrying out activities related to their fields of knowledge, which were professors of Geology and Petrology at the University of La Laguna and great defenders of the environment of the Canary Islands.

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