Robynians Community

People are aware of the need for a 180º change so that our society can last. We ask ourselves:

  • Why is the world's wealth in the hands of a few and more than 8,500 children die every day from malnutrition in the world?
  • Why do big companies only think about getting more profits and there are more than 162 million chronically malnourished children in the world?
  • Why don't we come together to change things if only 0.7% of the population control almost half of the planet's wealth?
  • Why this uncontrolled consumerism, which leads us to break records on climate change every year?

and so on for a long etcetera that saddens our soul.

To fight against these and many other injustices, the RobynGoods movement is born and our Robynian community will spearhead each of our actions.

Do not think that you can not do anything, together soul by soul we will add the necessary amount so that our cries of lament are heard.

The important thing is to add and add people who think and feel the same. Just by becoming Robynian, you're already helping.

Robynians are those who use the tools offered by this initiative to begin the change of the global economic status quo. Convinced of being able to achieve social and solidarity justice, reorienting the current commercial system of our society. We seek to achieve with this a fair and supportive commercial balance.

Our global and collective movement defends a sustainable and supportive world trade, allowing accessibility to products that meet quality standards, balanced and reasonable prices, without the intermediation and burden of exorbitant profit margins, which generate the extra cost of products whose burden falls on the final consumer.

At the same time, through our community, your consumption favors the contribution in initiatives that contribute to social well-being, always respecting the established norms, seeking a sustainable development and committed to our planet.

Imagine a world where in any of our daily purchases the establishment was forced to allocate a % to the NGO of our choice. That's what RobynGoods is after.

Join our initiative and be a Robynian. Together we will achieve change.