Childhood, Youth and Family

What do the entities that are dedicated to "Childhood, Youth and Family" do?

There are many NGOs that watch over the rights of children and youth, but it is far from it whether it is at the national or international level.

In the case of national NGOs, the objective is to promote childhood and youth without mistreatment, abuse and suffering. They take care of those who do not have a family or come from problematic families, focusing on providing psychological support so that the traumatic situations they experience do not affect their future.

As for international NGOs, the work they do focuses on defending rights, since children must run, play, jump ... but in some countries toys are exchanged for weapons, forgetting education and creating generations that do not think for themselves.

Do you remember fondly from your own childhood? Help all children do it equally!


The Association “Signo de Vida - Tenerife” is a non-partisan, non-denominational and non-profit organization, founded in 2012, which aims to unite people who want to recognize and thank mothers for everything what they do for their children and their families; help mothers with babies and pregnant women in difficulty. 

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The Association "Nuevo Futuro Tenerife" is a non-profit entity and declared of public utility. We have been working in Tenerife since 1994, working on comprehensive care for children, young people and families in situations of vulnerability and at risk of social exclusion.

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