Inspiring legend

As the legend tells, long, long time ago, a bandit lived in the immediate vicinity of the Sherwood Forest, in the county of Nottinghamshire (England). He was not just any outlaw, if not one for more altruistic purposes: stealing from the rich to give to the poor.

RobynGoods recovers the spirit of justice of that hero and outlaw of medieval English folklore: his name, Robin Hood or Robin of the Woods.

In a feudal society, marked by the power of royalty and nobility and the submission of the lowest social classes: the peasantry. Robin Hood, this big-hearted man dedicated his life to the defense of the less favored classes, giving them back for justice what he considered had been taken from them by factual powers.

Numerous feats recall his great achievements, Robin and his band of outlaws raised the defense of a common cause: to help the subdued people. They say that Hood, considered the best archer of all England, exercised good through his bow and arrows.

Recovering that collective conscience and social commitment, similar to the medieval hero, RobynGoods promotes a change of the current system at different scales. We pursue a fairer society for future generations.

                Robynians with our arrows will bring solidarity to every corner of the world!

                              Nobility is not a birthright, it is defined by our actions (Robin Hood)