Loneliness in old age? No, thanks!

NGOs dedicated to helping the elderly, a stage of adult life that begins at 65 years of age. These people are more prone to problems and illnesses due to the wear and tear of age, and they may also find themselves in a more helpless situation compared to other adults. Many elderly people are in specialized centres for their care and help, in which they are provided everything they need to cover their health and protection needs. After a certain age, many people live alone but cannot provide for themselves, so volunteering is a great help for them.

Older people are often associated with illness and disability, with greater psychological rigidity and an inability to learn and adapt to changes.

These prejudices prevent us from knowing our elders as they are.

How do you want to live when you are an older person? Alone and sad or accompanied by people who are interested in you?


The Huellas de Solidaridad Foundation was born for us the dream of improving the lives of admired elders, in a country where respect for them, the tenderness and affection they need and above all isolating them more and more from their families and environment.

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