¿¡¿NGOs; What would we do without them?!?

NGOs are the refuge where, in times of crisis, many people find help. But often, before giving, you have to receive, and on this scale, citizens have a stellar weight. NGOs that lack sufficient resources to meet all requests for help can benefit from the generosity of those who have the time and resources. In times of crisis, the role of NGOs that distribute food, clothing and other specific aid to people in need, in addition to collaborating in health care for immigrants in an irregular situation, stands out. But above all, it appeals to those who can help these entities, through financial, material and time donations, through volunteering.

At RobynGoods we want to give another channel to these very necessary entities!

Do you want to know more about all the different sectors out there?

Here are some small explanations so that you can better understand the tasks that are carried out day after day.