Sponsorship Social Projects

What is understood by “Sponsorship of Social Projects”?

Patronage in its most traditional sense consists of sponsoring artists, writers or scientists, among others, so that they can develop their work. The help of the patron achieves that the artist or scientist can focus on his work and can focus all his creativity on what he is doing.

The patronage of Social Projects, therefore, is configured for NGOs as a tool for integration, progress and development that undoubtedly give them a definite boost for their growth.

Thanks to these sponsorships, many entities can continue with their great work!


REMAR helps unstructured families, various types of people in social exclusion, offering free and immediate admission to our reception centers, covering basic needs and developing integration and inclusion initiatives through various workshops with the aim of offering all these groups the opportunity to comprehensive development.

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It is an Association that is dedicated to alleviating the most basic needs of those social groups that are in a situation of social exclusion, due to the lack of financial resources or support. If you have always wanted to help people who, due to various circumstances of life, do not have the basics to live or you know someone who needs our help, this is the right moment.

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For 19 years already this entity is dedicated to help families in precarious or abandoned situations. Mainly with food and hygienic articles. In 2019, 2010 families were helped, which are equivalent to just over 7,000 people benefited.
The non-governmental organization “NGO Sonrisas Canarias” was born in 2001

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