Education / Investigation

Education and Research, a primary need

Investment in research and teaching of all kinds is essential to contribute to the development of different human societies. Through the acquisition of new knowledge, people can face and overcome the different difficulties that arise at the technological, health, social level, etc.

There are different types of NGOs whose activity is framed in the field of education and research since there are countless fields in which human beings still need to increase their knowledge.

In the countries of the "third world" there is almost no schooling, even in the powerful world there are many children who do not have the access or the possibility to study properly, that is why we need the help of NGOs!


The Association for development of Waldorf Pedagogy “El Lucero” was born in 2010. It is a non-profit association of families and teachers that are working to create a school for Early Childhood and Primary education, based on the Waldorf Pedagogy. It is a social project consolidated for the future.

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